Collab Media Internship Diaries – Rosie Dingwall

I started on my Collab Media journey in July 2023, and kick-started an 8-week social media marketing internship after graduating from Teesside University. During the 8 weeks with the team, my knowledge has grown significantly in Digital Marketing. 

I’ve developed my time management skills, making sure I don’t spend too much time on one task, developed my graphic designs specifically using Canva and learned how to schedule content using Meta Business Suite. I’ve also gained knowledge on social media strategies, building engagement and the importance of branding.  Before starting the internship at Collab, I had no office or agency experience. Currently, I’m a part-time Warehouse Operative at Additional Lengths, where I’m constantly on my feet, so adjusting from that to a office-based role has been a change. However, my time with Collab Media boosted my confidence and facilitated my transition into office life.

Throughout my time at Collab Media, I have completed a range of different tasks, from creating stories and posts for different clients to having the chance to go on-site visits in the local area to create and collect content for clients that we worked with.

I take great pride in having the opportunity to partake in this internship. In just a short span, I’ve had huge personal growth, preparing me effectively for the realities of the professional world. I can’t wait to keep improving my skills as I step into the next phase of my journey.

This internship has made it clear, I definitely want

to pursue a role in Digital Marketing.

Overall, my internship journey at Collab Media has been incredibly positive. I’m genuinely grateful to the team for their support throughout.

If you’re a university student, I strongly recommend applying for as many internships as you can, especially in fields that match your interests. I found out about the Collab Media internship program while I was at University as it was recommended by past students and my lecturer, and I also came across it on Instagram through Collab’s business account.

Overall, my internship journey at Collab Media has been incredibly positive. I’m genuinely grateful to the team for their support throughout.

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Celebrating 7 Years of Success: Introducing Collab Media and Our Expanded Services

At Collab Media, we are thrilled to announce that we are celebrating our 7th anniversary!

It’s been an incredible journey, and we couldn’t be prouder of how far we’ve come. With this milestone, we have some exciting news to share. Not only have we expanded our office space to accommodate new team members, but we have also broadened our range of services to better serve our clients. Let’s dive into the details!

Expanded Services: Beyond Social Media Management

Collab Media has always been passionate about empowering businesses to thrive on social media. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve expanded our offerings to include professional photography and videography services. With our expertise in content creation, we help our clients shine on platforms like Instagram reels and produce high-quality visuals that captivate their audience. From eye-catching imagery to compelling videos, we’re here to elevate your content game.

Meet Our Collaborative Team

In our 7 years of operation, we realised that we’ve never officially introduced the brilliant team behind Collab Media. Let’s meet a few key members:

Ellie Tompkinson – Director and Social Media Expert:
Ellie is the Director of Collab, with over 9 years of experience in Social Media management. She founded Collab Media in 2015 and has since supported over 200 businesses in their social media journey. Additionally, Ellie shares her knowledge as a part-time lecturer at Teesside University, teaching courses on Branding, Identity, and Digital Marketing.

Sarah Tait – Communications Manager:
Sarah is an essential part of our full-time team, serving as our Communications Manager. Her unique personality and flair bring a touch of sass to everything she does. With her exceptional skills, Sarah ensures seamless communication and coordination within Collab, helping us deliver top-notch services to our clients.

Alex Robson – Social Media Consultant:

We are delighted to introduce Alex Robson, a highly skilled social media consultant. Alex brings together a winning combination of style, humour, and expertise in everything she does. As a dedicated social media expert, Alex works tirelessly to guide our clients through the ever-evolving landscape of social media, helping them stay ahead of the curve.
Olivia Carter – Emerging Talent:
Olivia recently completed her BA Hons in Fashion Communication & Promotion at Teesside University and will be joining us full-time as a social media consultant this summer. With her fresh perspective and creative insights, Olivia is poised to make a significant impact on our clients’ social media presence.


Join Us on the Journey to Social Media Success
As Collab Media enters its 7th year, we are grateful for the incredible support from our clients and the remarkable growth we’ve achieved together. With our expanded services and dedicated team, we are more equipped than ever to elevate your social media presence, build brand awareness, and drive business growth. Whether you need comprehensive social media management, captivating content creation, or expert advice, Collab Media is here to be your one-stop shop for all things social media.

Get in touch with us today and embark on a collaborative journey to unlock the full potential of your business’s social media strategy.

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Celebrating 6 years in business

It seems crazy to write this: Collab Media is celebrating its 6-year anniversary.

They do say time flies when you’re having fun!

Right at the beginning of our story, imagine a 19-year-old undergraduate completing her final dissertation and thinking about what direction her life was going to go once she’d graduated from university. Flash forward 6 years and we’re here!

How it started: In 2016, our founder Ellie Rees set up Collab Media after a number of local businesses approached her for social media support following on from her recent success as a social influencer and blogger. The goal from the beginning was to support businesses within the North East through digital marketing. As social media developed, we saw a demand to help businesses with their digital marketing not only locally, nationally but also internationally and have been fortunate to work with businesses across the globe with their social media.

While our services grew and developed into branding and social media training & workshops, the core of our business has always reminded the same and that is social media marketing, which will always stay at the forefront of our brand.

How we celebrated our birthday: At Collab Media, we take celebrating birthdays very seriously. Cards, songs, cakes, decorations, the whole shebang. It’s a huge part of our culture and we wouldn’t change it for the world. Celebrating 6 years of business wasn’t going to get left in the shadows. We also spent the day reflecting on our achievements as a company. Some of these highlights include:

🔘Our Founded was shortlisted for an ‘Inspiring Others’ Tees Businesswomen award 2019.
🔘Ellie was also a Finalist at the Digital Women awards 2021.
🔘Collab Media runs an undergraduate module at Teesside University covering Social Media
🔘Moved into our first office which has since been expanded.
🔘Ellie became a proud trustee for Sprouts Community Food Charity.
🔘The company was recognised for exceptional work during covid by Entrepreneurs’Forum.
🔘We’ve had stands & guest spoke at several Expos across the North East.
🔘Raised £6000 for food banks in Teesside.
🔘Spoke in several schools and colleges discussing social media and online bullying.
🔘Hosted 16 successful women in business networking events and grown Women in Collaboration.


Our Growth: 2020 was undoubtedly the most challenging year for us as a business, we lost 70% of our customer base overnight as our core customers at the time were within hospitality. We were fortunate enough to have vast experience within other sectors, so we quickly recovered and were able to adapt client’s marketing strategies to suit the current climate.

2020 although challenging at times, it was also the most rewarding. Most businesses were adapting to working from home, yet we’d made the big step to move into our first office space and leave remove working behind.

The present future:  Our journey doesn’t stop there! 2022 has been a fantastic year so far; we completed our office expansion, with plans for the future to further expand so we can make space for more Collab team members.

Our team range from content creator, social media marketing specialist, and communications manager, we’re also connected to videographers, photographers, social media influencers, web developers, copywriters & PR specialists – we can reach out and bring in exactly the skills and talents our clients may need.

Here’s to Many More Years of Collab Media:
As always, we are so excited for the future of our company. We love helping our current clients grow and can’t wait to build new relationships with more hard-working business owners. Thank you for having helped us become what we are today. We hope we’ll be up to your expectations for another 6 years!

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Collab Media X This is Union Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce we are collaborating with the fantastic web design agency ‘This is Union’ enabling Collab Media to expand the digital offering to our current & future customers.

In the past couple of weeks, we have been working intensely on a long-term strategic partnership with ‘This is Union’. This collaboration is designed to grow both company’s ability to deliver better products & services to our clients.

This Is Union is an award-winning Worcester based agency with a reputation for; delivering cutting edge creative, wow-factor websites.

At the core of this partnership is the importance of collaboration; both businesses’ culture is based around working together, innovation and ensuring the best for our clients. The collaboration consists of Collab Media offering social media training to This Is Union clients & them offering web design services to our clients.

As digital marketing is ever-expanding, we wanted to partner with an experienced and established website design agency that could seamlessly help our clients experience, creating an almost one-stop shop for digital services. Upon meeting Scott & Emma, we all immediately realised that our values aligned, and a strategic partnership would be a great option for all involved.

Emma Jenkins, Strategy Director, and Co-Founder has said about the partnership:

 “We firmly believe that helping our clients understand the process and the latest nuances of how Digital Marketing can grow their business is vital to how Agency/ Client service should operate. Offering this training now through Ellie and her team will give us that edge we’ve been looking for”.

This Is Union Services:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Online Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting & Content
  • Maintenance Services
  • Website Hosting

Ellie Rees, Director of Collab Media has said about this relationship:
Over the years we have worked extremely hard on growing our brand to become a thriving digital agency. Our partnership with This Is Union is an exciting opportunity that will help strengthen our offering. We look forward to being able to offer website design to future clients and recognise the importance of having a consistent social media strategy and complimenting website.

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